My Benefits

As of July 1st 2020, in order for associates to continue their health benefit plan they are responsible for paying the employee portion. Monthly invoices are mailed to associates with 2 payment options, which are listed below:

  1. Direct Payment by Credit Card: Using the payment portal (, enter your 7 digit employee ID number and select the invoice you would like to pay. The website requires you to pay the corresponding invoice in full (there are no half payment options)
  2. Deductions From Amounts Owed To Me By HMSHost: You can give HMSHost permission to deduct any amounts owed to you including vacation pay and any other amount amounts owed by Host, such as wages owing, or termination pay. Upon the depletion of your vacation accrual and if you have yet to be recalled to work, you would be notified and can begin to make payments via credit card.

If you wish to use payment option #2 or your mailing address has been changed, please contact your local Human Resources Representative.