What is Temporary Layoff?

Click here for Temporary Layoff Update for Associates in Alberta.

HMSHost cares deeply about our valued associates.  As we have seen our business shrink dramatically during the COVID-19 crisis, we have unfortunately needed to lay-off a significant number of our associates.

Under Canada Law, a Layoff is defined as a temporary interruption of the employment relationship at the direction of the employer due to a lack of work. The duration of the layoff varies province to province.

Why did HMSHost choose a temporary layoff rather than termination?

We have chosen to layoff, rather than terminate our associates for these reasons:

  • Benefits – A layoff allows HMSHost to continue the employer share of Health & Welfare premiums for associates in HMSHost plans.
  • Returning to Work/Badges – A lay-off also allows us to more quickly return associates to work once our business returns, subject to airport badging requirements.
    • It is very important that you return your badge to your location.  Badges that are not returned will be turned off and associates will be required to go through the badging process, which can take months, before being able to return.
    • HMSHost does not control airport badging requirements but has requested that we be allowed to keep associates badges active during the layoff
  • No Break in Service – A lay-off allows HMSHost to continue associates’ service without interruption.

Our desire is for all of our valued associates to return back to HMSHost as soon as business conditions improve. In the meantime, we are committed to keeping you updated as we learn more information.