When Can I Return to Work?

The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted the travel industry significantly. As of today, travel remains at historic lows with 91% fewer passengers going through CATSA screening than at the same time last year. As the country slowly begins the re-opening of cities and provinces, our business will be one of the slowest to return, and will return only when people travel again. By all accounts that is going to take a significant amount of time.

Our plan is to open restaurants and the Operations Support Center (OSC) slowly with a focus on making everyone safe, comfortable, and calm, including our most valuable asset – our associates.

We do not know which restaurants will open and when. As of today, we expect to be opening some units beginning in June, and you may receive a call to return to work. It is important that you know what measures we are taking to help keep you safe if you do come back to work.

It is critical that you keep all of your contact information up to date so that we are able to reach you about returning to work or to send important notices. We have created a fast and easy way for you to do that, please click below to make any updates:

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